The Radio House Sofa

In 1936 the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen got the assignment to draw and decorate the Danish Radio House in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Now, 75 years later, one of the most distinctive pieces of furniture from the interior has been relaunched – The Radio House sofa – recreated by Brdr. Petersen Polstermøbelfabrik in Aarhus.

When the Royal Danish Academy of Music took over the Radio House building, they wanted to recreate some of the original interior and Brdr. Petersen was given the assignment of recreating the sofa.


The Radio House Sofa is produced in the two original sizes, P2 with the length of 215 cm and P3 at 258 cm, respectively, 2 and 3 leg set. The sofa is available in fabric with a frame in oak, walnut and teak.


Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894-1984) got his degree as an architect from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen in 1921. The following year he established his own studio, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Besides the Radio House (1936-41), he is best known for having designed and decorated Copenhagen Airport (1937-39). Vilhelm Lauritzen received several awards for his work – including Eckersberg Medal in 1941 and the Architects’ Association Honorary Medal in 1964.


Radio House sofa - P3

Radio House Sofa - P3

Photo by: Andreas Weiss/Wohnkultur 66

Brdr. Petersens Polstermøbelfabrik - Gammelsøvej 65 - 8260 - Viby J - Denmark