Table in a Jar
Table in a Jar

"Table in a Jar" - is the name of a small side table the Swedish furniture designer and manufacturer Albert Larsson designed in 1959. The table is characterized by its three legs in and the round feet in wood.


The Table in a Jar was produced by Albert Larssons Möbelfabrik in Tibro, Sweden until 1964. The table is now in demand at auctions and among collectors on the vintage market all over the world. Now Brdr. Petersen has acquired the rights to produce and sell this elegant little table.


The table top and the round wooden feet are made in oak, walnut or teak, while the frame is plated copper or black coated steel. The table is 44 cm high and have a diameter of 40 cm.


The name “Table in a Jar” was given due to it at that time unconventional round packaging, and it is of course also today delivered in a round fibre drum, which is closed by a steel rim.


Brdr. Petersens Polstermøbelfabrik - Gammelsøvej 65 - 8260 - Viby J - Denmark